Hyperoptimized cross-chain yield aggregator is a yield aggregator powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC). DApp was developed with the goal of optimizing the profitability of DeFi users when they interact with other dApps in the DeFi space. was launched in Binance Smart Chain with no pre-farm, no pre-sales, and with the goal of optimizing farm profitability for DeFi users at the lowest possible cost (all APY and APR shown already include commissions).

Staking Staking is a profitability optimizer platform focused on providing DeFi users with automatically calculated returns at empirically optimal intervals, while combining gas costs with battle-tested smart contract code and best-in-class profitability optimization strategies. uses its own dynamic crop optimizer to ensure the maximum amount of APY in our pools.

Swap is a DEX aggregator that offers you the best prices for your DEX trades. splits your trade into multiple DEX's to ensure the best prices and the lowest possible slippage. Your transactions with Swaps are also not subject to pre-launch and arbitration.